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1. Adjust rear-view mirror(s) for maximum rear-view vision only whilst vehicle is stationary.

2. Check rear-view mirror(s) on approach to any hazard or intersection.

3. Check rear-view mirror(s) every 5 - 8 seconds.

4. Checking of rear-view mirror(s) should be of sufficient duration to determine traffic situations to the rear.

Note A:

Care should be taken not to look in mirror(s) for too long a period.

Note B:

In the case of an enclosed cabin, where the interior rear-view mirror cannot be used to check traffic to the rear, both exterior rear-view mirrors shall be checked.

Note C:

When the vehicle is in motion and it is clear that the applicant has only made a minor adjustment to the rear-view mirror, he/she shall not be penalized, otherwise he/she shall be penalized for:


(1) Method  ................................................

Note D:

In the case of the applicant making an adjustment to any rear-view mirror whilst the vehicle is stationary, he/she shall not be penalized. 

Note E:

When the applicant looks for too long in the rear-view mirrors he/she shall be penalized for:


(5) Obs  .....................................................

It is not expected of the applicant to use exterior mirrors for “observation” to the rear.  In the test allowance is made for the use of exterior mirrors in the case where:

– the vehicle is not fitted with an interior rear-view mirror, and/or

– the interior rear-view mirror for some reason does not provide enough vision.

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