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One-Day Driver's Licence Preparation Course



Cost:    R690-00 per person  (payable upfront, via EFT, upon making the appointment or in cash at the start of the course)

Bring along:    Your original Learner’s or Driver's Licence and payment, if you did not pay in advance.

Duration:    2 Hours

Requirements:    Student must be able to properly drive and be at the stage of driving where training instructions can be applied immediately.

We supply:    Free access to training yard, fully qualified and certified driving instructor with 20 years’ experience and printed study notes of the K53 Light Motor Vehicle Test Curriculum.

The course is presented on a one-instructor-per-one-student basis.

What will be covered on the course:

All modules applicable to the K53 Driver’s Licence test for Light Motor Vehicles, including pre-trip inspection (outside and inside), incline start, parallel parking (left and right), alley docking (left and right), turn-in-the-road, emergency stop, hand signals, on-road driving requirements according to the K53 modules and standards.  The training yard’s parkings are according to K53 specifications and simulations of those at testing stations.  The on-road part of the course will be done on actual test routes for Randburg Licence testing station.


Who can attend the course?

Anyone that has a valid Learner’s Licence or a valid Driver’s Licence and can properly drive.

How do I pay for the course?

Upon making your appointment, you can immediately make your payment via EFT and send us the proof of payment.  Our acknowledgement of your payment will serve as confirmation.  Should you not send us your proof of payment within 24-hours of making an appointment, it must be paid in cash at the start of the course.

What does the course cover?

Everything you’ll need to know for the K53 Driver’s Licence test for light motor vehicles.

Will 2 hours be sufficient?

This is a course to teach you everything you need to know for the Driver’s Licence test and not a beginner driver course.  Beginner drivers will not be able to keep up with this kind of training.  We will work through the test curriculum, demonstrate (where applicable) and give the student a couple of attempts to try it out for themselves.

Students who wish to do more than one such course are welcome, although we’ve found that one day is more than enough for those who can properly drive.  Rehearsal is key and if you do not have your own vehicle to practice, you might need more than one session.

Why should I take this course and not go through a normal driving school program?

Because of the intensity of the course and running through the entire K53 test curriculum, students have a broad overview of the test curriculum and have a comprehensive understanding of how everything fits together.