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Learner's License Practice Test Papers

Voted the best FREE online Learner's Licence practice test papers (questions and answers), comprising previous exam papers, to help you revise and prepare for your South African K53 Learner's Licence exam (theory test) - 2018 syllabus.  Our test bank contains 750+ unique test questions from previous exam papersPractice test papers are for all codes of vehicles (cars, trucks & bikes) and are hosted on the internet, which makes it really convenient to study from home using any device with internet access i.e. pc, tablet or smartphone.  You don't have to attend any classes (saving you both time and money) or have to drive anywhere to purchase our test papers...  it's all here!

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Students, who study from their K53 learner's licence books, obtainable from shops like CNA, etc, the Department of Transport's study documents PLUS work through all of the practice tests repeatedly, enjoy a very high first time pass rate but more importantly, they are clued up with the meaning of the various road traffic signs and they know the rules of the road.  Remember to let us know how it went with your exam!

Questions resemble those you'll get on the learner's exam and some are even identical.

Revise in your own time, at your own pace and in your own space!  Access from any device with internet access i.e. pc, tablet or smartphone.

Our free online practice tests papers cover questions from past K53 learner's license test papers, as well as questions for the computer K53 learner's license tests, covering rules of the road, road traffic signs and vehicle controls.

Practice tests are divided in the above mentioned categories to identify the areas you struggle with.

Practice Test Papers - All Vehicles

Are you ready?  Click on the links below to start your practice tests!

Make use of all of the test papers, except the test papers that indicate a specific vehicle type (in brackets), if not applicable to the Learner's Licence code that you are applying for.

DID YOU KNOW... there are over 1200 questions in the Department of Transport’s exam.  Every applicant receives 68 random questions from the test bank.  You have to separately pass each of the 3 categories below in order to pass the exam.  AND DID YOU KNOW... the current national pass rate for the computer Learner's Licence exam is only 28%!!

The test curriculum is spread out across all of the test papers below, so be sure to work through them and not only do 2 or 3 papers!  Our test bank contains 750+ unique test questions from previous exam papersDo the tests over and over, until you achieve a high score… preferably 100%!

TIPS:  Remember to read questions vs. answers very carefully.  Always choose the MOST correct answer where it might seem like there are two correct answers.  Be on the lookout for questions about road signs that ask what the meaning of the type of sign is and not the sign used as an example, etc.

NOTE:  If it's your first time doing our test papers, register yourself on the form that will open up once you've clicked on any test.  You will create your free login details, to be used with all tests thereafter, i.e. username and password.  If a username is not available, it might already be used by someone else.  Simple choose another username.

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” Just to thank you so much for your online practice tests.  This will make your day… I took my learner’s licence test on Wednesday morning and scored 100% in all 3 categories.  I think I shocked everyone there.  Thank you for your help!”

–  Vanessa Smit, Randburg (Johannesburg)

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Pass your learners and drivers licence test first time with Mr Instructor K53 Driving School.  We operate around the Randburg, Sandton, Fourways and Roodepoort areas of Johannesburg.

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011 672 3360
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